February 15, 2009

Let's get started

My goal:
To write a novel.
I intend to write it here, directly, spontaneously, no safety net whatsoever.
This will imply eventual revision of any given chapter, anytime the need arises.
I hope some of the editing will be induced or inspired by readers of this blog; that would mean someone was actually reading it!
As I'm no native to english, difficulties are big enough to scare me a little but... here I am.

The story:
Although not even a word has yet been written, I obviously took the decision to move forward because I created a story in my mind. Besides a generic idea, I have already defined a structure to this story, and even its characters have been growing in my imagination to the point that the main character is almost like someone real to me.
As I can't imagine how things will evolve, each chapter of this novel will likely be built with several posts, so I'll have to number/name them accordingly (i.e. chapter 1 post 1, chapter 1 post 2, etc); alternatively, I could create a post for each chapter and edit them along the way. I'll make my decision later on...

I'll take my time to write, as real life has this way of imposing itself on my (diminishing) spare time.

And I say no more... for now.

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